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Online Marketing Basics Every Entrepreneur Should Know

When starting a new business or continually advancing your current business, it is important that you know how to develop your online marketing strategy as effectively as possible. This is true for large to midsize corporations as it is for … Read more

Three Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing in 2015

In today’s blog QuadW Technologies discusses how companie’s can boost their content marketing this year. With the use of search engines to find new business and products, it’s clear content is on top. Brands can only stay relevant by having … Read more

Brace Yourself, Google’s Penguin Algorithm Update is Coming

It’s been just over a year since Google released their last Penguin algorithm update, aimed at making search results more organic and accurate by penalizing sites that attempt to over-optimize results. For those in the SEO world, Penguin updates are … Read more

Keyword Search: Better Keyword Selection Using Google

Selecting which keywords to pursue in online content used to be a much easier project than it is in the present. It was as quick and easy as utilizing the Keyword Tool in your preferred application, and then begin writing. Simple … Read more

“Pigeon” Update: Google’s New Search Algorithm Launched

Google recently released a new update for their local search listings. The so-called “Pigeon” update will be visible in both Google Maps and Google’s Web results. The update went unnamed internally, but was given the name “Pigeon” from Search Engine … Read more

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