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Online Marketing Basics Every Entrepreneur Should Know

When starting a new business or continually advancing your current business, it is important that you know how to develop your online marketing strategy as effectively as possible. This is true for large to midsize corporations as it is for … Read more

How Online Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

Online marketing is the smart solution for small businesses to help boost their business. Businesses are able to build their relationships with clients, while potentially gaining new business from web traffic. It provides small business a luxury that previously didn’t … Read more

What Marketers can Learn from 2016 Campaign Trail

It’s already that time, politicians from both sides of the aisle are putting in their candidacy for the 2016 Presidential bid. America has seen announcements from the likes of Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush as well as others. Both … Read more

When Marketing Your Business, I.M.A.G.E. Is Everything

Marketing your business can seem like a daunting task. Especially if you aren’t a large company. The key to remember is that I.M.A.G.E. Is everything. Today, let’s discuss how I.M.A.G.E can help you engage your audience and promote new business. … Read more

Creating Brand Consistency for Your Business

Whether you are a small owner-operated business or a large corporation, consistency in your brand is key in all aspects of your operation. From the creation of your products to the delivery of your services, customers want consistency. The same … Read more

Three Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing in 2015

In today’s blog QuadW Technologies discusses how companie’s can boost their content marketing this year. With the use of search engines to find new business and products, it’s clear content is on top. Brands can only stay relevant by having … Read more

Future Marketing Trends and your Business

The only ways industries die is if they don’t adapt. This is true for the marketing world. Technology has required companies to switch their way of thinking, and will continue to require innovation. Today, QuadW Technologies looks at the future … Read more

‘Ex Machina’ & the New Marketing Landscape

The internet was ablaze this week talking about an epic event in Austin, Texas. No, it wasn’t SXSW, but a viral marketing campaign for an upcoming sci-fi film “Ex Machina.” The campaign programmed a bot on the popular dating app … Read more

Facebook’s New Topic Data: Helpful to Companies, Hurtful to Users?

In response to marketers and businesses alike, Facebook announced a new product called Topic Data. Companies will be able to use Topic Data to see what Facebook users are saying about products, brands, activities and events. The product uses Facebook’s … Read more

It’s All in the Hashtags

  If you or your company ever post anything on social media in the hopes of pumping traffic (and sales) for your website, you probably already know about hashtags and how valuable they can be when used correctly. If you … Read more

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