Why You Should Hire a Creative Team to Handle Business Marketing

  Why You Should Hire a Creative Team to Handle Business Marketing You and your business are experts in your field. People hire you to solve their problems because you can do it more effectively than they can on their … Read more

Finding the Magic Words to Unlock Web Traffic

Keywords, are those magic words that help drive organic traffic to your site. But sometimes, finding the right words can seem daunting, especially if you don’t fully know the psychology of your customer. Today, we’ll discuss how to further understand … Read more

Sony Pictures Rumored to Name North Korea in Cyberattack

Sony Pictures Rumored to Name North Korea Responsible in Cyberattack Earlier this week, we reported on the massive cyberattack on Sony Pictures that resulted in sensitive data, including several unreleased films that were distributed online. As the story develops, multiple … Read more

Ebola, Meet eBeams With the election over, people seem to have forgotten about Ebola. We don’t want to raise the alert level or anything, but there is an interesting technology that could be used to mitigate the threat of the … Read more

JPMorgan Chase Cyberattack Compromises 83 Million Accounts

JPMorgan Chase has revealed the extent of the cyberattack that occurred this summer, and it is far more severe than previously believed. The JPMorgan cyberattack, which began in June but was not discovered until July, has been revealed to have … Read more

Content is King, so Treat Your Writers like Royalty

With many web developers focusing their attention to SEO standards, it’s more important than ever to put high-quality content at the forefront. “Content is king” is a phrase that’s thrown around a lot, but many people don’t stop to consider … Read more

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