Creating Brand Consistency for Your Business

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Whether you are a small owner-operated business or a large corporation, consistency in your brand is key in all aspects of your operation. From the creation of your products to the delivery of your services, customers want consistency. The same goes for your online presence, consistency is king.

As technology expands, businesses are forced to navigate their way through new platforms. In doing so, they need to incorporate consistent execution of branding increases. That said, not all companies have the same resources or know-how. This is especially true for small businesses.

Things to Think About to Keep Your Brand Consistent

Knowing Your Brand’s Voice/Knowing Your Audience

To better understand how you can communicate with your customers or other businesses, you need to know your brand’s voice. Part of developing this is by knowing your product or service as well as your client or customer demographic. What lingo do they speak?

This will help you understand how to purpose your message across platforms. It will help you clarify how content should be written and how you will engage current and prospective business. It will also help you determine how to visually convey your brand online.

Knowing What Platforms to Communicate

Depending on your client and customer demographic, that will largely determine what online presence you should have. Different generations use different social media. If you are trying to reach a younger generation, you will want a more visual platform like Snapchat or Instagram. Whereas baby boomer businesses should utilize Facebook and Twitter.

If you are more of a B2B company, you would want to invest more time on professional sites like LinkedIn. By understanding what platform you are communicating on, you can think of ways to use your brands voice to convey your message specific to that platform.

Can You Do It In-House, or Hire a Marketing Firm?

As a business, you can’t do all things at all times. Sometimes you have to seek out the expertise of others. Your reputation is constantly on the line when engaging online. You want it done right. You must determine whether you have the skill set to handle your online presence or delegate it to a marketing company.

Using a reliable and reputable marketing company can eliminate the stress of handling your company’s content. It allows you to focus on the aspects of business that are most important to you.

QuadW. Technologies can Help Your Brand Remain Consistent Online

If you are looking to outsource your online content, build your online presence or manage your social engagement, QuadW. Technologies can help. We provide services that keep your brand visible. Our team of experts work to keep you engaged with your audience.

Call us to learn how we can assist your marketing needs.



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