‘Ex Machina’ & the New Marketing Landscape

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The internet was ablaze this week talking about an epic event in Austin, Texas. No, it wasn’t SXSW, but a viral marketing campaign for an upcoming sci-fi film “Ex Machina.”

The campaign programmed a bot on the popular dating app Tinder. It utilized the pictures of an actress in the film to lure users in. Then once they began chatting, it would ask questions like, what makes a person human, what attracts them to the Ava character and where they would like to meet.

After the stream of questions, users would be redirected to an Instagram account that promoted the film. The campaign was launched in perfect timing with the film’s North American premiere at SXSW. It was a perfect marketing campaign. The users it targeted were tech savvy and in the area where the film was premiering. They could potentially find the stunt clever after getting over the fact they had been duped.

What does this stunt say for the ever evolving marketing landscape?

Companies Must Adapt to New Market Demands

Digital marketing is becoming more and more complex. With the launch of new platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and the like, companies must become creative on how they promote their brand. To not do so could cost your company potential customers and ultimately revenue. So then why do people hesitate to make their brand current?

One primary reason is the lack of know-how. Companies, especially ones with limited budgets, have limited resources. They may not understand how modern technologies can be used to push their brand to the forefront of their industry. Thus, they try to do things the old fashioned way. But, that is no longer a valid excuse. By remaining ignorant to current trends, you are costing yourself money.

So, what’s the solution?

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