Finding the Magic Words to Unlock Web Traffic

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Keywords, are those magic words that help drive organic traffic to your site. But sometimes, finding the right words can seem daunting, especially if you don’t fully know the psychology of your customer. Today, we’ll discuss how to further understand your business’ target keywords to help you find customers online. That way, you can build your business to eventually improve web traffic to your site for potential sales.

When trying to understand keywords for your business, you must understand how consumers utilize search engines. Most sales begin through research. Consumers have a need for a service or product. They might not know the specific product you offer, but they know their needs, and are looking for something to help solve them.

So, it begins by being inquisitive, they start by opening up a search engine like Google or Bing. Then they continue by typing in a word or phrase for their specific need. For example, if they live in Illinois and need a new bathroom sink, they might type in “plumber in Illinois.” Depending on the area of Illinois they live, they might add a specific town.

Now, not everyone uses a search engine site the same. That said, if they need a new bathroom sink they could also type in “bathroom sink installation in Illinois.” Depending on the consumers, syntax will alter the keywords they use. Thus, you have to think of keyword variations that a consumer could use that would find your product online.

After they type in that keyword, they may do some digging. They want to find both information on their need that could then lead to a potentially buying a product or hiring your service. This is where having reliable information about your industry in addition to your service comes in handy. Customers are more likely to revisit site that provides educational information. They are also more likely to buy from people who provide information for free.

You can provide this information through blogging. Daily and weekly articles can help generate more organic web traffic to your site. If you are in need of blogging services for your business, as well as social media or reputation management, Quad W. Technologies, Inc. could help your business’ need. Stop by our office or give us a call. We’ll be able to discuss your particular business marketing solutions.

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