What Marketers can Learn from 2016 Campaign Trail

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It’s already that time, politicians from both sides of the aisle are putting in their candidacy for the 2016 Presidential bid. America has seen announcements from the likes of Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush as well as others. Both businesses and marketers can learn a lot from the success and failures of a presidential campaign regardless of party politics.

What a Logo Says About You

One criticism that’s out in the national dialogue is the campaign logos. Many of them use minimalism. Most notably is Hilary Clinton’s which is a blue H, brought together by a red arrow in the center. Now, a logo will not make or break a company or a campaign, but it does say a lot about taste. If you are a new company or a company looking to re-brand, you’ll want to carefully consider your logo. It will be one of the first things potential customers and clients see. Just like the way people make judgments within seconds of meeting, so will people about your business.

What’s Your Message?

Many political campaigns fail because they lack a clear message to the American voters. Politicians are critiqued as ‘flip flopping’ on the issues. The more clear and concise a campaigns message is the more potential it has to advance down the campaign trail. When marketing your company or product, you want to have a good idea about the message you are marketing to businesses and consumers. This means considering the language you use in the copy on your websites, press releases and social media.

How are You Engaging on Social Media?

Many politicians are beginning to leverage social media for their campaigns. It is a way to engage with their supporters, as well as those who may be undecided. Businesses experience similar issues with prospective customers or clients. Someone might be unsure whether they want to utilize your product or services. Social media is a way to engage with those people and reassure them of your expertise.

What Resources are you Putting into Marketing Yourself?

One of the biggest issues many prospective presidential candidates have is the capital to finance their campaign’s marketing and advertising budget. This can be a similar issue for businesses. You have to determine the amount you have to invest into marketing and the potential return it will have for your success. This can be difficult to do in house. Sometimes it is best to outsource your marketing to a company.

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