When Marketing Your Business, I.M.A.G.E. Is Everything

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Marketing your business can seem like a daunting task. Especially if you aren’t a large company. The key to remember is that I.M.A.G.E. Is everything. Today, let’s discuss how I.M.A.G.E can help you engage your audience and promote new business.

(I) nform Your Audience

Like any business, you either sell a product or offer a service. When doing so, your current and future clients or customers need to know about what you are offering them. The key is to inform your audience as concisely as possible. What is your company? How long have they been in business? What can you offer? All of these are things you should be able to answer with precision.

(M) otivate them to Action

Knowing about your company isn’t enough for today’s customers. They have many options to choose from with any product or service. It is the job of businesses to motivate their customer to action. This of course is to either sign on with your business, use your service or buy your product. What is the psychology of your demographic? How can you motivate them into action?

(A) ffirm that you are the Best Choice

Some people don’t like change. Whenever making a purchase or changing a service, a person is taking a risk. Some risks can be more costly than others if done inefficiently. You need to help affirm people’s decision that you are the best possible choice for their business.

(G) uide them to a Transaction

The average person stays on a landing page for only a few seconds, not minutes. The ability to complete a transaction must be easily found. On your website, this can be links to a sale or appointment or even a telephone number. You must guide your customers to completing a transaction.

(E) xecute then Engage

Finally, for any business to thrive, you must execute and then engage. Execution doesn’t just come with making a sale or creating a partnership. To fully execute, you must make fulfill your commitments to your customers. You must provide the best and most timely service. Anything short of that, with new business, may make them use a different company in the future.

After you execute, continue to engage them. This can be using your social media platform or follow up calls to gauge how they are enjoying your services or products.

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